Easter 2015 offer

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Greek Easter is the most sacred of all Orthodox celebrations. It begins with Holy week starting the Monday before Easter Sunday and celebrations take place throughout the week. The first major celebration day is Maundy Thursday and begins with a church service early in the morning, the day continues with the dying of eggs red with a type of seaweed to symbolise the blood of Christ and nds with the baking of the traditional Easter bread, Tsoureki.

On Good Friday, the most secred day of Easter the church bells ring the death knell all morning. Girls decorate the Epitafio - the funeral bier and a service is held for Christ's funeral. Today is a day of rest for women and men are forbidden to play cards. At dusk the Epitafio is paraded through the village or town streets with a quiet processon in tow, carrying candles and wherever they pass by all lights are temporarily extinguished. This is a sombre parade.

Easter Saturday is a day of preperation for the Sunday celebrations. The Anastasi is the Resurrection and at the churches everyone attends the lighting of the Holy Flame at midnight a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. The people take their lit candles home and make the sign of a cross with the black from the candle flame in the doorway of their homes before entering. The breaking of the Fast takes place now, at midnight after the church service people go home to eat Mageiritsa - a meat soup made with offal, plus the red eggs. Sunday is a day of celebration, eating and drinking and although fasting is now officially over people who are kept to strict fast, find they struggle to eat the food served!