Getting around Kefalonia island

Kefalonia is a large and beautiful island and demands exploring, Without transport you will be missing a world of adventure and scenery. There are over three-hundred-and-fifty villages on the island: many scattered along the coastline, but there are more hidden away in secret valleys and in olive groves. There are deserted villages with abandoned old stone villas and buildings. There are archaeological sites, many un-researched, all over the island. The Palli Peninsula is now being established as the original Ithaca of Homers Odysseus. You will find remote monasteries and many old churches with fabulous icons and frescos. Small pebble coves and red and white sand beaches can be found, some of which are mostly frequented by the local villagers. Greek culture incorporates many festivals in the towns and villages—celebrating just about any cause... saint days, victories, defeats!  Tavernas  are the central point of every village—serving inexpensive, yet fabulous, fresh food—washed down with local wine. We challenge anyone to spend less than two hours in a taverna! The service is typically leisurely and time just stops as you enjoy the food and ambience of a Greek restaurant. For those in need of 'retail-therapy' there are shops galore in Argostoli and Lixouri. Everything from Beneton to markets selling local honey, nuts and wine. Most people have a siesta in the afternoon and stay out into the early hours just enjoying the atmospheres of the village and town squares. As much as you may enjoy lazing by your pool at the villa - you really will be missing out if you don't explore the island. Whilst you could walk or rent a bicycle or a motor scooter—the only real way is to rent a car. You are your own boss, tour-guide and scheduler. Explore and enjoy this wonderful island.