The town of Lixouri is the second largest on the island and is located on the Paliki peninsula with it's dramatic coastline and variety of beaches, from fine red sand to brilliant white pebbles. Lixouri is almost and island on it's own only connected to the main part of Kefalonia by a small strip of land and the Argostoli/Lixouri ferry boat. The town is a working town with many shops and tavernas to choose from and you will find all you will need in the way of banks etc. The main part of the town surrounds a large square with an old rubber tree in the centre and is a bustle of activity during the hot summer evenings. The Kipouria Monastery is located on the top of a cliff and is  undoubtedly one of the most impressive on the island. Kipouria is situated in some of the most dramatic scenery of the island with white shear cliff dropping off into the crystal clear waters of the Ioniaon. The monastery has it's own vineyards within walking distance.